SC20 Tutorial

Welcome to the Best Practices for HPC in the Cloud tutorial at SC 20 that will be delivered on November 9th 2020 and November 11th 2020. We are excited to virtually meet you, and look forward to answering your questions! The website will be maintained after SC20, labs will also be available on within a few weeks after the conference.

We are always looking at ways to make this tutorial even better. Please provide feedback and comments here:

Sandbox were available between Nov 9th to 10th for the duration of the tutorial. If you would like to run through the labs at a later stage on your own, with your company or institution, please contact us at so we can follow-up with you.

Important Information & Updates

For the tutorial recordings delivered on the APJ timezone, please use Gitter to for questions or support during the tutorial

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Tutorial Content & Resources

Tutorial Resources

Before and during the tutorial you may be interested in going through the following sections:

  • Agenda of the tutorial.
  • FAQ answers to common questions will be communicated here during the tutorial.
  • Lab account on how to access your lab account.

Presentations Slides

The last version of the tutorial slides are available in your Tutorial attendee packet. Do not hesitate to contact us at

SC20 Hands-on Labs

Throughout the tutorial we will be going through the following labs:

  1. Lab 0: Environment Prep: It has to be done before running the first lab. It will grant you access to a web-based development environment and terminals. This ensure that every one can run the labs regardless of their operating system.
  2. Lab 1: Create an HPC Cluster: You will be lead to create your first HPC system in the Cloud.
  3. Lab 2: Serverless Computing: We will see how to build an API interface and submit jobs on Slurm using a serverless (Lambda) function.
  4. Lab 3: Storage Lab: In this lab you will learn how to build a Lustre file system in the Cloud, no need to hold a PhD in storage for that.
  5. Lab 4: Performance Monitoring at Scale: This lab gives an overview of different methods and tools that can be used to assess application and infrastructure performance of your HPC cluster in the cloud.

Optional Labs

If you are interested to run additional labs don’t hesitate to run one of these:

Accessing Your Lab Account

Once you get your credentials during the tutorial, access your account through

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