j. Run an Array Job

In this step, you submit many jobs at once, known as an array job. To do so, you create a JSON file that contains the parameters of the job array.

  1. In the following JSON file, modify the text to reflect your environment properties: Replace YOUR-JOB-QUEUE-NAME and YOUR-JOB-DEFINITION-NAME with the values of your job queue name and job definition name.

    cat <<EOF > ./my-job.json
    "jobName": "my-job",
    "jobQueue": "YOUR-JOB-QUEUE-NAME",
    "arrayProperties": {
    "size": 500
    "jobDefinition": "YOUR-JOB-DEFINITION-NAME"
  2. Copy the contents of the JSON file and paste it into your terminal.

  3. Submit the job array using the following command.

    aws batch submit-job --cli-input-json file://my-job.json

    You just launched an array job of 500 jobs! To learn more about job arrays, see Tutorial: Using the Array Job Index to Control Job Differentiation.