b. Setup SNS topic

First, create an SNS topic, then you publish a message directly to the topic to test that you have properly configured it

  1. In the AWS Cloud9 terminal login to the head node of your cluster as below:
pcluster ssh perflab-yourname -i ~/.ssh/lab-4-key

To set up an SNS topic

  1. Configure your email address and AWS region
  • Enter your email address where you would like to receive the SNS notifications
  • Identify your AWS Region using the command below
REGION=`curl --silent|grep region|awk -F\" '{print $4}'`
  1. Create the topic using the create-topic command as follows.
MY_SNS_TOPIC=$(aws sns create-topic --name slurm-job-completion --region $REGION --output text)

Subscribe to your created SNS topic

  1. Subscribe your email address to the topic using the subscribe command. If the subscription request succeeds, you receive a confirmation email message.
aws sns subscribe --topic-arn $MY_SNS_TOPIC --protocol email --notification-endpoint $MY_EMAIL_ADDRESS --region $REGION
  • Amazon SNS returns the following:


  1. From your email application, open the message from AWS Notifications and confirm your subscription.


  1. Your web browser displays a confirmation response from Amazon Simple Notification Service.


Next, we will check the subscription and publish a test message to the topic.